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Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis Treatment – Laser Therapy – Las Vegas

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Las Vegas dermatologist, Dr. Candace Spann, treats psoriasis and other skin related conditions that can impact the daily life of her patients. Psoriasis is an inherited condition in which new skin cells develop at an abnormally high rate, resulting in thickened areas of skin that appear blistered, reddened, or scaly. Outbreaks of psoriasis typically appear after illness, exposure to dry or cold weather, or stressful events. There are five different classifications of psoriasis, each presenting somewhat differently. The most common type by far is plaque psoriasis, which forms raised, reddish patches of skin that are covered in a silver or whitish coating called scale. Other less prevalent types of psoriasis result in pustules, reddish bumps, or severe rashes accompanied by fever.

Psoriasis Treatment

Dr. Candace Spann offers numerous treatment options to manage and treat psoriasis so that the frequency and severity of symptoms are reduced. Some treatments may include a combination of creams, ointments, medications and anti-inflammatory corticosteroids. Because each individual’s skin is unique, treatment will vary depending on the particular needs of each patient. Treatments for psoriasis may include topical ointments, injections, or phototherapy. Because psoriasis symptoms often worsen during periods of stress, Dr. Spann may recommend stress management as part of the treatment program.

Photo/Light Therapy

Phototherapy, also known as “light” therapy, involves the use of a narrow, high-energy ultraviolet light to target plaques of psoriasis. Dr. Spann offers effective laser treatments for the symptoms associated with psoriasis. This therapy usually takes place over the course of numerous sessions (as needed) with a goal to reduce redness, inflammation and scaling, and to create a softer effect on the skin. Laser therapy also slows down skin cell turnover. Many of Dr. Spann’s patients have seen great success with laser treatment and in many cases the psoriasis has been seen to go into remission. These treatments are performed in-office in a safe, quick and effective manner. Patients can return to their normal activities after each treatment session. 

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Psoriasis can be devastating to a person’s sense of well-being and self-confidence, causing them to feel embarrassed to show their skin. Sufferers may also feel isolated when others mistake their condition for a contagious affliction. Dr. Spann is a Vegas area dermatologist that can help turn this condition around and mange it so that symptoms are reduced and her patients can live a normal life. We invite you to call our office today for a complete skin consultation.

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