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Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea Treatment – Laser Rosacea Removal – Las Vegas

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Rosacea is a common skin condition characterized by areas of red, swollen, or bumpy skin over the face, neck, back, chest, or eyes, resulting in an extremely flushed appearance or highly visible blood vessels. There are four subtypes of rosacea, each presenting some or all of these symptoms in a distinct manner. Rosacea is most common in adults with fair skin, but people of any age or ethnicity may suffer from the condition. Those with a history of acne are more likely to get rosacea. This skin condition can significantly affect a person’s self-confidence, as the symptoms can not only be physically painful but also cause an individual to feel embarrassed or unattractive.

Rosacea Treatment

While rosacea cannot be fully cured, it can be effectively controlled and managed. Many of Dr. Spann’s patients have experienced great success with customize treatment plans designed for their specific needs and skin conditions. Treatments include oral medication, prescription lotions and ointments, laser therapy (phototherapy), and dermabrasion. The goal during treatment is to find the right plan so that symptoms can be reduced and managed. It is also important to understand what triggers rosacea. For example, certain foods, exposure to sun and stress made contribute to flare-ups for some individuals.

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