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There are many factors that can cause the skin to lose the look of youthfulness. While repeated sun exposure can take its toll on the skin, other factors such as cold and windy weather, poor nutrition, pregnancy, illness, and the natural aging process can leave the complexion scarred, uneven, blotchy in color, or dull in appearance. The Las Vegas cosmetic surgery office of Dr. Marvin Spann offers customized facials for patients seeking a rejuvenated complexion. Customized facials are a popular and effective option for men and women to improve the look and feel of the skin on their face and neck. These areas of the body are the most obvious and visible to others, not to mention they are most exposed to the elements of sun and wind.

What to Expect

We provide numerous facial options, including our most popular deep cleansing facial. It is ideal for those with oily and acne prone skin. Our experienced aesthetician will deep clean the skin, which includes an exfoliation treatment, steam to open the pours and soften the skin, and specialized instruments to suction out deeply embedded dirt, oil and other impurities. During the facial, a manual extraction occurs to remove trapped blackheads, whiteheads and other forms of acne.

Conditions Treated

At Couture, our dermatologist and licensed aesthetician work together to design customized facial treatments that are based on your individual skin type, condition, and desired results. Each patient’s skin is unique, and our goal is to provide safe, effective treatments that will enhance your skin’s natural beauty. We use customized facials to treat the following:

  • Wrinkled or sun-damaged skin
  • Wrinkle lines around the eyes
  • Fine wrinkling of the eyelids
  • Vertical wrinkles around the mouth
  • Brown spots or generalized skin blotchiness
  • Pre-cancerous skin growths
  • Scarring from acne or chicken pox
  • Facial scars due to injury

Expected Cost

Each facial treatment is customized per the patient’s aesthetic goals. Some will require a deeper facial than others to attaint he desired results. On average, our custom facials can range between $150-$450.

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Dr. Spann and our licensed aesthetician may recommend a single skin resurfacing treatment, repeated treatments, or a combination of treatments. It all depends on your goals and your current skin health. Contact us to learn more about your options for Couture customized facials.

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Average Cost  
$150 - $450
Recovery Time  
1-3 Days
Average Procedure Time  
45 Minutes - 1 Hour
Post-op Follow-up  
4 Weeks
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