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Major Improvement in Vaginal Appearance and Comfort Following Labiaplasty

Procedure Details


Complete Labiaplasty

Although this patient was petite, she exhibited significant excess skin of both her labia minora and labia majora with excess clitoral hooding and uneven length of her labia. She complained of pain and discomfort due to the excess skin of her labia as well as emabarrassment during intimacy due to the appearance of her vagina. She had a labiaplsty procedure with wedge resections of her labia minora, skin removal of her labia majora, a clitoral hood lift, and CO2 laser resurfacing of her labia majora bilaterally. The results are apparent in her postoperative photos. She now has a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance of her vagina as well as much more comfort in her activities of daily living because the excess skin no longer impedes her activities. She is also comfortable during intimacy and is no longer embarrassed.


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