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Dr. Alan Arnold – Las Vegas Dermatologist

Dr. Alan Arnold

Dr. Arnold, MD is a fellowship trained, board certified Dermatologist with extensive training in dermatologic surgery. Dr. Arnold is an active member of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery and the International Society of Dermatologic Surgery, which helps him stay abreast of the latest surgical techniques. One of his specialties is Mohs micrographic surgery, which removes skin cancer with minimal damage to the healthy skin and tissue for a more accurate and attractive result.


Dr. Arnold obtained his medical degree at UCLA before moving on to complete a psychiatric residency at Lafayette Clinic in Detroit, MI and two dermatology residency programs at Emory University in Atlanta, GA and UCLA, respectfully.


Dr. Alan Arnold practiced as a board certified psychiatrist in Las Vegas, NV from 1975-1977. He chose at that time to do a second residency in dermatology. He began his training at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. There he was taught by Richard Bennett, a Mohs surgeon. At that time, there was only one fellowship in Mohs surgery given by Dr. Perry Robbins at NYU, plus an unofficial informal training by Fred Mohs, who taught Perry Robbins. There was no official fellowship until 1982; two years after Dr. Arnold began his Mohs surgical practice. Dr. Bennett was the second or third doctor trained by Dr. Robbins. Dr. Arnold had a keen interest in surgery from the very beginning. He and Dr. Bennett became good friends and Dr. Arnold learned Mohs surgery under Dr. Bennett as part of his residency. At that time, almost no dermatologists were doing reconstructive surgery such as flaps or grafts. Dr. Arnold was one of the pioneer dermatologists learning and refining reconstructions. Emory University had a highly surgical program with many opportunities to learn. Dr. Arnold finished his training at UCLA where he was highly respected for his skills in dermatologic surgery. He has been practicing in Las Vegas, NV since 1980 specializing in the surgical side of dermatology although he has continued to do medical dermatology as well. He
has done many thousands of cases of Mohs surgery with many thousands of grafts and flap repairs. He developed a flap for the closure of large wounds such as those that would occur after melanoma surgery on a leg. This flap has been published and reprint requests have been received from all over the world.


Dr. Arnold’s hobbies include playing piano, working out, cooking, reading, watching educational videos and spending time with his two yorkies.

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