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Reviews for Face Procedures Near Las Vegas, NV

Board-certified Las Vegas plastic surgeon, Dr. Marvin Spann, and dermatologist, Dr. Candace Spann, work hard to create a successful practice and a pleasant experience for their patients. We are proud to share a collection of our patient reviews, many of them from the local Las Vegas area who consider the Spanns to be the best doctors in their specialties. We are very grateful for these ongoing testimonials and invite you to read what our patients have to say about our doctors and our staff.

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Review from C.H.  |  Source: Facebook  |  Apr 04, 2022

My family and I have gone to them forever. They are a family to myself and my kids. My son had the horrible acne and they helped him. My daughter had moles removed when she was younger & more recently when she had a horrible rash after a c-section (they squeezed her in repeatedly and helped her. Lastly, I myself had different treatments for skin cancer - first time about 7-8 years ago a big chunk of nose removed & Dr Marvin stitched it up beautifully after Dr Candice diagnosed. Also, last year to spots on my hairline needed removal & Im all healed and much hair has returned. I recommend them highly!!! More

Review from N.N.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Oct 16, 2015

TALK ABOUT APPEARANCE!! This facility is just absolutely GORGEOUS!! Just walling into the place you wouldn't think not is like a doctor's office but more of like an ELEGANT home so to say. They have a little KID'S section w/ mini chairs & tables along w/ fun little bean bags! I REALLY REALLY wanted to sit on them... but there were to many people in the waiting area for me to pull that off... so I had to act like an adult & sit on one of the regular sized AWESOME chairs.... they even have a TV w/ HEADPHONES!! r u serious????? Freaken kool. The receptionists were sweet & prompt they got me all my paper work to fill out which I hate to do... & they took down all my info. I sat back down in a comfy lounge chair & took couple of pictures & observed my surroundings then "VOILA" I heard my last name... the ASSISTANT took me into a mini room & got me ready for the doctor to take a look at my SCAR.  Dr. GRACE KIM was the one to look at my skin... she was SUPER friendly & NICE. She was very detailed in looking at my skin. LITERALLY her eyes were like as close to my skin as possible!! She explained EVERYTHING in detail... what could be my options for getting rid of my scars... She also took the time to look at my face as well!! They offer laser treatment for $350 / session... as it is not accepted through insurance... PREPARATION for a clear face for the sake of looking BEAUTIFUL for my wedding.. I will take one please. I was informed that it will take a couple sessions & the process of the treatment...I will see darker spots BEFORE it clears up. The laser session was INTERESTING... you could see bright flashes of light & you could smell what I thought smelled like squid being cooked over a flame... or burnt hair ahhhhaha They also gave me a couple of little sample creams to try out as well which was NICE cuz I LOVE samples! All in All this place is KOOL like you wouldn't really think of it as a doctor's visit feels more like a spa treatment vibe. EVERYONE is BEAUTIFUL here too... makes you wanna get treatment here because they obviously know what they doing if they look naturally GORGEOUS! even the guy surgeon doctor had gorgeous skin! More

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