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Tattoo Removal in Las Vegas, NV

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Couture Specifics

A tattoo can be a beautiful expression of an individual’s personality and sense of style – until it is no longer desired. If you are interested in tattoo removal, our licensed aesthetician, under the supervision of board-certified dermatologist Dr. Candace Spann, can remove tattoos using advanced laser resurfacing treatments, such as the Lutronic Spectra Laser. This is a Q-Switched laser that uses dual-pulsed Nd:YAG energy, which can be adjusted to correct a number of skin imperfections, including spider veins, hyperpigmentation, tattoos, and acne scars. This advanced technology ensures that the energy is delivered efficiently to maximize effect while minimizing damage to surrounding tissue. It also has the ability to remove red and yellow inks, which are known to be difficult to treat. Laser tattoo removal is safe and effective, and in most cases, doesn’t leave a scar.

What To Expect

To begin the removal process, the tattoo is cleaned. Emitting laser or pulsed light, the laser hand piece glides over the surface of the tattoo. The size and color of the tattoo determine the length of treatment time. A tattoo the size of a quarter would take approximately 3-5 minutes to treat. Some patients request a topical anesthetic cream to minimize the stinging effect of the laser. Many patients tolerate treatment without topical anesthetic, and report the treatment as feeling similar to light rubber band snaps. An ointment is applied following treatment to keep the area moist, and then it is covered with a protective dressing.

Expected Cost

The cost of laser tattoo removal depends on the size of the tattoo being removed, and the number of sessions needed to completely remove the tattoo. Pricing starts at $50 - $80 per inch for all size tattoos.

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Average Cost  
$50 - $80
Recovery Time  
1-3 Days
Average Procedure Time  
30 Minutes - 1 Hour
Post-op Follow-up  
4 Weeks
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Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs

Any Side Effects?

Some patients experienced redness, swelling, tenderness, crusting, sunburn sensation, or itching immediately following treatment. The plastic surgeon will discuss the treatment plan, and explain what can be expected from your treatment.

Why So Many Sessions?

Size, color, location and the age of the tattoo determine the number of treatments necessary to effectively remove the tattoo. During the consultation, the treatment regimen will be reviewed and any questions regarding the number of estimated sessions will be provided at that time.

When Will I See Results?

The results and appearance of the tattoo vary from patient to patient. After each treatment session patients will see the tattoo become lighter. Due to the various types of inks used in tattooing, the results and the number of treatments may vary. Typically, multiple treatments (anywhere from 2 to15) will be required and are scheduled 4 to 7 weeks apart.

Other Options?

While laser tattoo removal is the safest and quickest option to keep patients’ skin intact, there are other treatment options. Patients can also choose surgical excision. This is an invasive treatment method that often results in scarring.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.