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Skin Cancer Reconstruction in Las Vegas, NV

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After receiving a skin cancer diagnosis, many patients are faced with the prospect of skin cancer treatment, which often includes surgery. For example, MOHS micrographic surgery is used to treat squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma-in-situ, and primary basal cell carcinoma. Since the surgery is so detailed and technical, it’s imperative to seek treatment from an experienced surgeon who meticulously performs the surgery to effectively remove a patient’s cancer. At Couture Dermatology & Plastic Surgery, Dr. Grace Kim performs this procedure with a skill that makes her one of the most sought MOHS surgeons in the Las Vegas Valley. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Surgical Technique

Reconstruction can often be performed the same day or the day after the removal procedure. Reconstructive procedures are performed on an individualized basis, depending on each patient's wound, and can involve a skin graft, flap of skin, stitching or surgical closure. Our dcotor will discuss the various options with the patient and together they will choose the best method or methods of treatment. Following that, we will work with the doctor performing the patient’s skin cancer removal to perform reconstruction either immediately after the removal or later if the patient chooses.

During/After Surgery

Patients may be put under local or general anesthesia depending on the location and size of the area being treated. Once the skin cancer lesion is removed, reconstruction is done using the techniques she and the patient decided on during the initial consultation. Once the reconstruction is completed, your surgeon will close and dress the wound before the patient is allowed to leave. Following that, every patient will receive post surgical instructions, including how to care for the surgical wound, what topical medications to apply, and other tips to help with the patient's recovery. Avoiding sun exposure and using sun protection will help the wound heal quicker and without irregularities, like raised, red, or darker skin. It may take up to 1 year for patients to see the final results of their skin cancer reconstruction. If needed, our staff will discuss a secondary surgery to further refine the results.

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Couture FAQs

Will There Be Scars?

While our doctors do their best to keep their incisions small and the wound closures clean and neat, there will be some degree of scarring. Scarring can be minimized by following any post surgical wound care instructions. You can also elect to have surgical scar revision if you would like to further reduce the visibility of the scarring.

Why a Plastic Surgeon?

Even if a dermatologist removes the skin cancer growth, it is beneficial for patients to have a plastic surgeon performing the wound closure and/or skin reconstruction. Plastic surgeons are specially trained to preserve the appearance of the skin and they are more practiced at closing incisions cleanly and evenly.

When To Have Reconstruction?

It is best if patients make an appointment before their skin cancer removal so she can consult and coordinate with the doctor and facility performing the skin cancer removal. Patients may choose to have their skin reconstruction performed right after their removal surgery or they can wait to see how the wound will heal naturally. During the initial consultation, the doctor will listen to the needs and concerns of the patient and then help them determine their best timeline and treatment plan.

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